Risk and Passion



What compels people to take extreme risk? Why, for example, are some willing to risk their life BASE jumping from cliffs, while others are comfortable standing safely on the periphery, unwilling to take that leap? The documentary ‘Risk and Passion’ delves into the mindset of one person who takes risk in search of basic and fundamental human goals. It’s the inspiring story of pro-BASE jumper Luke Hively–just an average person, like anyone else. The story follows Luke’s journey through one summer of BASE jumping and proximity flying. We see Luke travel the world, from the stunning fjords of Norway, to unearthly, undulating mountains in China. In these exotic locales, Luke risks his life on every jump he takes. With each jump Luke overcomes the most primal of human emotions: fear. And by facing his instinctual fear Luke experiences the rewards of jumping–the freedom and exhilaration of flying. In his own words, and with brutal honestly and candor, Luke tackles the controversial topics surrounding the sport of BASE jumping. He candidly discusses the all-too-common accidents and deaths that occur in the sport, as well as the emotional toll his activities takes on him and his family and friends. But most importantly, Luke conveys with great wisdom and sanity the reasons he continues to jump, despite the grim realties he faces every day as a jumper. ‘Risk and Passion’ bridges the disconnect between the often misunderstood world of BASE jumpers, and the majority, who don’t jump and find it difficult to understand why someone would risk their life in pursuit of their passion. Luke eloquently breaks down the risks and rewards of his sport in a coherent and convincing way, which brings insight and understanding to those who may view the actions of extreme sports athletes as insane. Luke’s story in ‘Risk and Passion’ argues for a compassion for extreme sports enthusiasts that you’ve never had before. You will leave feeling inspired, understanding that facing fear can bring the greatest goal of all… happiness.