PNG Expedition



In June 2014, Patrick and Richard completed the first unmotorised crossing of the island of New Guinea without the aid of porters. The pair walked and paddled from the Northern coastal town of Vanimo to the Southern island of Daru using only ‘human power’, and carrying packs of 38Kg each containing vital supplies and filming equipment. The small two man team has to fight through swamps, scale cliff faces without safety kit, build a raft out of trees and vines from the bush, balance on slippery logs over ravines, deal with the effects of immersion foot, talk their way out of trouble with rebel militias, meet headhunters and cannibals, dodge snapping crocodiles, work out how to use traditional sailing boats, fight storms on the river delta and maintain mental stability after a long drawn out three month expedition in the Jungle. This documentary is the epitome of true gritty adventure. Neville Shulman Challenge Award. Official Selection Indie Film Festival 2015.