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Patagonia Triple Crown



A group of kayakers find themselves in the difficult mission of running the three less explored and most dangerous rivers of the south of the world. The Pascua River, Bravo and Baker. They will overcome the difficult tests that the patagonia will put on them, in addition they will learn about of the complicated environmental situation that Chile is suffering in its fight for fresh water. Best Action – Waterwalker Film Festival 2020. Best Documentary – Great Lakes International Film Festival 2020. Outstanding Achievement Award – DIFF 2020. Finalist – VIMFF 2020. Winner – World Film Carnival 2020. Winner – CICFF 2020. 3 Awards – Canadian Cinematography Awards 2020. Winner – VS Cinefest 2020. Winner – TIFF 2019. Official Selections 2020: Independent Shorts Awards, IndieX Film Fest, Lookout Wild Film Festival. Official Selections 2019: BANFF, TRAVEL FILM International Film Festival