On the Wave

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(Also available in shorter versions) On the Wave is the first Russian surfing documentary that illustrates the beauty of surfing, both as a sport and as a life philosophy. This stunning documentary demonstrates how a person can fight their doubts and fears, unleashing their desire to break free and reconnect with nature and with the ocean. The documentary follows the story of Masha, a Russian girl who dreams about surfing. In order to achieve her dream she goes to a Russian surf school in Bali. Masha knows everything about the ocean and its power, but is afraid of deep water. Witness as she fights to overcome her fears, ride the waves and get closer to the ocean. As the story develops, Masha meets people who reveal different sides of surfing. So as to conquer her fears Masha turns to the help of Nikita – one of the first Russian self-trained professional surfers who hand crafted surfboards using pictures from foreign magazines as a guide. Masha strikes a contrast to the second hero of the show – 11 time ASP World Champion, Kelly Slater – a professional who is used to winning. But, he faces an unexpected challenge when due to a points miscalculation he loses his 11th world title, and has to battle for it once again. This is no easy task – he must overcome all doubts and nervous tension and get back on the board to prove that this title truly belongs to him. Although the two heroes don’t meet – their struggles seem interconnected as we see how important the ocean and surfing are in their lives.