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For children and young people forced into delicate treatments and long hospitalizations, distance learning is not a choice or an emergency solution. It is the only possibility to guarantee education and the opportunity of growth and training for their future. Better yet, it is a mere resemblance of normality in a situation that has nothing normal, between anguish and therapies, doctors and closed rooms where their friends cannot enter. But to create a school integrated by distance learning, within a hospital, technological infrastructures and specialized personnel are needed. In one word, resources. To promote this project and raise awareness among institutions, Pietro Presti, managing director of an important Italian non-profit foundation active in the oncology sector, has decided to give life to a double challenge: to face and reach the highest peak in the American continent, Mount Aconcagua with its approximately 7,000 meters of altitude, and to tell, together with the movie director Alessandro Beltrame, the subtle parallelism that emerges between an illness path and a mountain ascent, where the summit does not represent an end point, but a new beginning in the return to normality. Remote teaching, able to guarantee training and sociality in a delicate phase such as that of the disease, becomes a precious ally in healing and realizing a future outside the pathology.