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(Also available in 25 mins HD) Surfing has long ceased to be a niche sport. As the mainstream discovers its potential for selling clothes, trips and a whole set of ‘lifestyle’ products, there are those who appreciate it for what it is in its purest form – a direct connection to mother nature. We accompany Big Wave surfer Alex Botelho and some of his friends to discover that there are surfers out there who balance their love for the ocean and nature with a professional career in the sport. Mar is a tale of discovery, triumph and (almost) tragedy, but above all it is a life affirming pledge to positive vibes in and out of the line up. Finalist – New York International Film Awards 2021. Best Documentary – Singapore Film Festival 2021. Best Feature Documentary – Best Istanbul Film Festival 2021. Best Documentary – Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2021. Best Documentary – Tagore International Film Festival 2021. Official Selections 2021: Tokyo Lift -Off Film Festival, International Extreme Sports Film Festival, Accolade Global Film Competition, Ocean Film Festival World Tour, International Ocean Film Festival, World Film Carnival.