Making the Bargain



What’s the end game? That is the question extreme sports athlete Rob Pelon finds himself asking. In the dangerous and often unpredictable world of skydiving and BASE jumping, there are no guarantees. The open-ended nature of the sport has led Rob on a journey of ups and downs. Now in his 20’s, Rob is contemplating where life will lead him next. It was Rob’s first skydive at just sixteen years of age that precipitated a decade-long love affair with the addicting world of aerial sports. Like many skydivers though, he found that “the adrenaline fix” of a exiting a plane quickly wears off, and to get the same exhilaration an athlete needs to raise the bar. That brought Rob to the sport of BASE jumping, where the rewards are great but the potential consequences are even greater. After four years of BASE jumping Rob has begun to contemplate his place in the realm of extreme aerial sports, but even more fundamentally the sustainability of his passion for them. With all extreme sports athletes, there comes a time when the risks begin to weigh on the conscience. It’s at this juncture that we, Negative4 Productions, crossed paths with Rob Pelon. During a recent trip to Mexico with his close friends in the BASE community, Rob gave an interview about his life, upbringing, and what ultimately lead him to take calculated risks for the thrill of the jump and the reward of conquering fear. Rob also speaks candidly about the toll his actions take on his mind and his emotional health. Will Rob decide to hang it all up to live life in a slower lane? Or will Rob continue to put it all on the line in pursuit of the freedom and joy of jumping?