On the borders of Nepal and Tibet lie a series of mountain ranges that remain largely untouched. “Blank areas”, as geographers like to call them; expanses of pastel shading applied by mapmakers to depict the unknown. Proof that there are still corners of the vast Himalayan chain, home to the world’s highest mountains, where the inquisitive alpinist can find untrodden sanctuaries to explore. A small group of mountaineers are travelling through this unspoilt land, heading for virgin peaks on a journey of exploration punctuated by chance encounters. During their journey, we ponder the whys and wherefores of these mountaineering peregrinations. Like a Jiminy Cricket sitting on the climber’s shoulder, the commentary pricks our conscience with a mixture of analysis and self-mockery. Alternating between true emotions and wavering illusions, the film draws out the very meaning of distant travels, of exploration, and of our impact on “unspoilt nature”. Official Selections 2019: Festival Int. du Film et du Livre d’Aventure, Autrans International Mountain Film Festival, Paris Travelers Festival, Fodacim, Festival Rencontre de l’Aventure.