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l’Etat d’Esprit

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A film that brings together testimonials through the sport of surfing from people who are passionate about the ocean and its beach life. It’s a state of mind, a simple life line with a deep connection to nature, enhanced by a quest for freedom. This goes hand in hand with the need to travel and discover others and therefore to share. Gauthier Garanx will present his approach to surfing giant waves, Steeve Ruillet his passion for the study and protection of marine mammals while Nathalie Mignot shows her family life and Fred Compagnon his bare yet original passion for waves. Jules Brin will tell us about the very beginnings of surfing from his small island of the West Indies. l’Etat d’Esprit also talks about the commitment of the “Pole France” to train young people well beyond the spirit of competition and the Topa crew team who create events to preserve the passion for this sport. They explain their affection and fascination for mythical spots because of their history and quality. From France to Indonesia, the Caribbean, Mexico and Africa…