Studio Kippenberger assembles the worlds leading automotive filmmakers to bring us ‘IOM TT’. The Isle Of Man TT has claimed over 200 lives, yet riders keep showing up and the race keeps going. Many of us wonder how it’s all allowed to continue. This film looks at the why and follows riders from first timers to the greatest legends still alive in the sport today. ‘IOM TT’ takes one deep into the minds and thoughts of some of the legendary TT racers including John McGuinness while showcasing some of the most beautiful and carefully picked slow-motion shots of the hill course. Combine that with brilliant composition and mindblowing photography and it makes the whole experience such a compelling watch. ‘IOM TT’ captures the World’s Wildest Motorcycle Race. A tribute film to all the fallen heros of the Isle of Man TT race since 1907. Winner Gold London Motor Film Festival Best Event Coverage.