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Hiking Miracles – GR 20



Walking used to be the most human and natural activity for centuries. However, we have recently and slowly forgotten what it is like to walk in a forest in the early morning or to be on the top of a mountain, as the sun rises above the clouds. The story begins in a small town named Calenzana, on the island of Corsica. A young girl embarks on a journey along the legendary marked trail, GR 20. Through her feelings, you can experience what it takes to go 180km away from civilization, in extremely challenging terrain and in constant weather changes. GR 20 is considered one of the most difficult treks on the planet, but one of the most beautiful. A story full of unforgettable moments, is an adventure of 16 days spent in the wilderness. Join in and celebrate hiking and nature… Winner Deauville Green Awards 2017. Official Selections 2017: Travel Film Fest & Sheffield Doc Fest.