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Handi but Funky! / Handi mais Funky!



Handi but Funky! follows the Liberté Condition’ailes association. Their aim is to train paragliding pilots with disabilities. From the school slope to the first solo flight, experience a week of total immersion in the Pyrenees and the step by step training of 5 pilots including 3 with disabilities. Amongst the trainees is Albine who is suffering from Charcot’s disease. Alex, a musician who gradually loses the use of his legs due to multiple sclerosis. And Christian, a carpenter who became quadriplegic after a fall on a roof. All three seek to go beyond their limits and aim to fly in the sky and share great moments of emotion just like able-bodied people. The instructors are for the most part volunteers and necessary to make sure the training functions properly. The first two days take place on a school slope where we witness the progress of the trainees and the necessary adaptations to allow them to do their first solo flight which takes place on the 3rd day of the course. In the evening, the whole team meets at the lodge to debrief the day, prepare meals and relax while playing music. Mutual aid and kindness are the key words of the week where each one tries to overcome the difficulties of the other. Beyond the practice of sport, it’s above all a question of inclusion and solidarity in order to demonstrate that everything is possible.