(Also available in 3 x 30 mins) ‘Glide Bir Billing’ is a journey of the quest for adventure in its various forms. Set in the Himalayas, it is the story of village Bir and its journey on being discovered as one of the best sites in the world for paragliding – from being a small village oblivious to this sport to becoming a Paragliding World Cup site. Bir becomes a centre for many who are involved in the sport and are passionate about flying. It is, therefore, a story of Bir, along with being a story of flying. We understand the growth of the place – the influence of paragliding on the life of Bir, explore air as a dimension, see the remotest of Himalayas and fly with big birds all while understanding the passion of doing what you love. ‘Glide’ explores these various aspects attached to flying by building conversations with different pilots and in general understanding the idea of flying in this village that is now synonymous with flying. Exploring the idea of ‘Glide’ literally and metaphorically, it is a story that stems from this beautiful village to the surrounding Himalayas.