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Forbidden Alley



An alley is a narrow passageway for pedestrians, often between, behind, or meandering through buildings in the older parts of towns and cities. This lane is usually short, winding, and does not necessarily have to be in the center. These days many of them becomes a tourist destination with small shops, galleries and artists’ studios. The series, ‘Forbidden Alley’ collaborates with a professional local photographer in each episode, exploring footpaths off the beaten track in eight different countries. Through this journey, the photographer will capture the architecture in the historical alleys, the locals who live there and their memories hidden behind layers of history. Through their intimate relationships with the locals the photographers discover unexpected insights in countries like UK, France, Spain, Morocco, China, Russia, Finland and Korea. Through the eye of the photographer we realize that the interaction of the people with their environment is as much a part of the actual daily life. ‘Forbidden Alley’ is a playful, yet surprisingly powerful travel series exploring the other side of the world and uncovering unique perspectives by looking closely at the architecture and the people.