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Children never expect their parents to separate, and there is no one to teach them how to navigate and adjust to spending time with a single parent. This film documents the Anderson’s family adventurous family tradition: a surf trip to Devon. In the age of permanent screen addiction and distraction, John attempts to connect and win his sons’ attention on this weekend adventure. En Route shows Thomas (16), Benji (13) and Finn (10) travelling on their surf trip without their mum for the first time, and the pressure and newness are evident in this blend of observational and poetic documentary. As they all search for who they are in the midst of this family separation, surfing in the sea is evidence of John’s relentless love and effort to connect through moments of sadness and adjustment. Adventure is on their doorstep. Safety and peace are experienced in nature and time lost in the sea. The fight for connection becomes effortless in the waves. Official Selection 2023: SHAFF.