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In 1954 medical student Matti A. Jokinen did what he had done for several years: took the ferry to Sweden and proceeded to hitchhike his way around Europe. This time, however, he found himself in Zermatt, staring at the fabled Matterhorn. Soon enough he was standing on the summit, and Finnish climbing was born. From this event unfolds the story of climbing in a country rather ill-suited for the activity. Finland has no mountains, and the few crags and boulders are hidden in dense forests. Furthermore, everything is frozen almost half of the year. Despite the grueling circumstances climbing is today one of the fastest growing individual sports in the country, and professionals like Nalle Hukkataival are among the top climbers in the world. ‘Cold Rock’ traces the story from its beginning to the present day. Different generations of climbers describe their eras, how the torch was passed on to them and how they kept it alive and inspired others to follow. In the film history meets the present, revealing the 60-year old face of Finnish climbing, and the passion that unites climbers of all eras worldwide.