Une Aventure Sibérienne



Yves, an adventurer of all times, is the epitome of adventure in all his humility. He lives, breathes and perspires adventure. Through these different journeys, Yves has demonstrated that going on an adventure is possible. He needs it, and above all, wants to show that everyone has got it deep inside themselves. He does not ride a bicycle for thousands of kilometers for his notoriety, but simply to live and make sense of each day lived. He carries this message, transmits it through meetings, conferences and film projections. Adventure is a question of limits. Not the ones we have set ourselves, or what we imagine, but our true limits. In everyday life, adventure, whatever it is, comes to us, and therefore fear and reason arise. But are we really happy with these limits, these barriers in our life or do we not need to break them sometimes? Yves, during his next expedition, leads us to ask all these questions. This adventure is the most engaged and indecisive on its outcome. To travel 3200 km in Siberia, winter cycling in complete autonomy is indeed beyond reason for most. But for Yves, it’s just an adventure he desires. Official Selection RDV Aventure 2019.