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(Also available in 10 x 26 mins) Javier Brichetto presents this dynamic TV show which is all about the secret of the barbecue. Javier is an Argentinian chef and has traveled all around the world looking for the best cooking method for grilling. This makes him the perfect teacher of how to master the grill in a most entertaining and exciting way. “Morfar” comes from Lunfardo (the language of Argentinian tango) and means “to sit down and to eat with appetite and devotion”. Each episode is a culinary adventure for those who are passionate about eating well. Nothing escapes from Javier’s grill to get that unique smokey flavour: pizza, paella, aubergines, bacon, fish, sweet potatoes, ketchup, sweetbreads, lettuce… Through Javier’s recipes you will travel around the world. From Argentina to Asia, Spain, Central America and the United States… Welcome to A Morfar!